November 11, 2022

10 gift ideas from local companies

Of course, we have gift cards applicable for golf, hotel, sports equipment rental, at Gordie's etc, quite interesting accommodation packages, but today, we leave the spotlight to our local colleagues!

MD Sports 

For sports articles of all kinds! Passing from skiing to paddleboarding, fishing rods etc.

Sucrerie des aïeux

For lovers of maple products

Ferme Guy Rivest

Jams of strawberries from the farm and many other berries, marinades, jellies, there is something to feast on.


For old or young adventurers, an aerial game treck in the trees is all indicated. By the way, it's open all year round!

La Source Bains Nordiques

Pure tranquility moment. Nordic baths, massages, it's one of the most beautiful spa in Quebec, here in Rawdon.


For dog lovers, a visit is essential. There are even activities for children from 2 years and older. old.

Pêche et co.

New gift shop in Rawdon. They offer Quebec and Canadian products.

Fromagerie Roy

For everything related to the art of a table. Local cheeses, microbrewery beers, Quebec wines, etc.

Bijouterie- Cadeaux Quatre Saisons

The best place to find quality jewelry, but also gifts of all kinds, Decorations, kitchen items, candles, name it!

Le Petit Walk-In

Mainly known for its children's clothing, sometimes finds items for adults and several nice little items for the family. When we set foot in it, we rarely leave empty-handed.

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