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The tourism industry is a strong economic driver in Lanaudière, and it is gradually shifting towards a more environmentally friendly mode of consumption, universal inclusivity, and healthy lifestyle habits. In order to align ourselves with this shift and meet the new expectations of tourism organizations, we have developed a sustainable development policy that will guide our actions, decisions, development, and growth.

Our Vision

Rawdon Golf Resort is a four-season tourist destination offering a rich, welcoming, and unparalleled experience that shines a spotlight on the Lanaudière region beyond its borders.

Our Mission To create unique activities for each season, ensuring there is no off-season, in part through partnerships with local businesses that promote the flavors of Rawdon in a responsible manner.

Our Values

Audacity Warm customer service Versatility Self-transcendence Sharing of knowledge

Our success is directly tied to a love for nature and the environment, which is why it is essential to respect the natural surroundings where our organization operates. The foundations of this policy should guide the governance and strategic direction of the company. We are well aware that our financial health is directly linked to the health of our community, and that's why we actively participate in numerous social initiatives.

Our Commitment

  • Acting consistently with our social responsibility, with transparency and a constant concern for fairness.

  • Integrating sustainable development into our daily work context, in our communication and promotion practices, in our strategic thinking reflexes, and in continuous improvement.

  • Creating the winning conditions to foster the entire team's commitment to responsible and sustainable practices.

  • Preserving the natural environment in which we have the privilege to operate.

  • Significantly reducing our ecological footprint.

  • Creating a healthy work environment.

  • Decreasing our ecological impact.