and green fees

2021 season Golf
Golf & Cart
18 holes

Regular price  36 $
52 $
Price After
1:00 pm
25 $
38 $
Price After
3:00 pm
20 $
32 $
9 holes

Regular price 23.50 $
34 $
Price After
1:00 pm
16.50 $
25 $
Price After
3:00 pm
13 $
22 $
Games Card Golf
Golf & Cart
10 games
(Price per game)
320$ (32$)
450$ (45$)
20 games
(Price per game)
600$ (30$)
860$ (43$)
40 games
(Price per game)
1120$ (28$)
1600$ (40$)
60 games
(Price per game)
1560$ (26$)
2280$ (35$)
Membership 2021 Golf Cart Golf & Cart
Member no restrictions
(includes $400 bar bill)
1552.16$ 919.80$  2871.96$
Member after 12:00 pm
(includes $200 bar bill)
1092.26$ 804.83$ 2097.09$
Member after 3:00 pm
(includes $200 bar bill)
862.31$ 747.34$ 1809.65$

*** Taxes are included in all the prices displayed in this table. ***

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Being a member at rawdon golf resort is also being a member of our great big family.

Laid out in a natural and calm surrounding, our 18 hole golf course is guaranteed to produce memorable golf games. Whether you are with members of your family, friends or golf buddies, we are sure you will feel right at home.

The Scott family is still very much around to welcome you and has not stopped putting in time, energy and passion to bring you an improved course year after year. Rawdon Golf Resort has a multitude of activities for you to enjoy. We have a great team waiting for you that is involved, reliable and bilingual.

Come be part of the Rawdon Golf Resort experience!

  • Details of the membership agreement between Rawdon Golf Resort and the member:
    • A membership (both gentlemen & ladies) is valid 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays;
    • The bar bill is compulsory and must be used between the payment date and October 31st 2020;
    • This contract becomes binding as soon as the membership fees are paid in full;
    • The member agrees to abide by Rawdon Golf Resort rules and regulations at all times;
    • A membership can be cancelled by the Club at any time;
    • The golf season opens officially on May 1st 2020 and closes on October 15th 2020 (or later depending on the conditions, at the sole discretion of Rawdon Golf Resort);
    • In the event that the bar bill is not fully used by October 31st 2020, the remaining amount is not refundable and under no circumstances can the deadline be extended.
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OBeing a member at Rawdon Golf Resort is also being a member of our great big family.


You can benefit from our turnkey service for the organisation of you golf tournament. Our team and our installations are waiting for you.

Gordie's resto-bar

A laid-back setting with pub style food and a great variety of drinks. What more do you need?


The 10 luxurious rooms at Rawdon Golf Resort are tastefully decorated and ready for your stay!