In the heart of Nature

A golf course like no other
Rawdon Golf Resort

A golf course is not only a sports venue. It is also a natural space which contributes to protecting the environment. Rawdon Golf Resort is green and environment-friendly. We respect the environment by making sure all waste is recycled or composted; on the course and in the reception halls, three-way recycling containers are in place to dispose of garbage, recyclable and compostable materials.

Rawdon Golf Resort won the Phénix of the environment in 2009 for its green initiatives.

The “More Green than its Greens” project is the result of three years’ planning to significantly lower negative environmental impact resulting from activities at the Rawdon Golf Resort, inside the buildings (bar, kitchen and reception halls) and outside (golf course).

The main goals of the project are to lower environmental impacts linked to transportation of material, use of cleaners, pesticides and fungicides, use of gas golf carts, as well as to reduce the quantity of residual matters sent to landfill.

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In the heart of Nature

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